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If Can You Imagine It, We Can Build It

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Doing a lot more than just digging in the dirt

Small's was started in the 1960's by Walter & Helen Small. Brother and sister team John Small and Julie Small-Krcilek have followed in their parent's footsteps by serving clients throughout NW Indiana with honesty, integrity and dependable service.


While both John and Julie are landscape designers, together they complement each other with their own areas of expertise. John handles the structural aspects of the job, everything from building waterfalls to digging ponds to constructing bridges, John's done it all! Julie is the plant expert. She can tell you what needs watered when and will chose the best plants to thrive your lighting and soil conditions. Together they can help you realize your dream landscape by partnering with you to complete your vision.


All work stays within the company. We offer everything from quality landscape plants to landscape lighting to pergolas to excavation, nothing is outsourced. We take ownership of the project to make sure every step is done right and lives up to the quality standards we are known for.





If you can imagine it,

we can build it

No Job Too Big or Small

If you can imagine it,

we can build it

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